• UK company to introduce ‘period policy’ for female staff

    A Bristol company is planning to create an official “period policy” designed to allow women to take time off without being stigmatised in the hope it will make its workplace more efficient and creative. Bex Baxter, the director of Coexist, said the move an attempt to synchronise work with the body’s natural cycles. “I have […]

  • Why This Woman Is Suing a Tampon Company After Losing Her Leg

    At 24, Lauren Wasser had the life. She was the 5’11” child of two models, with blond hair, blue eyes, and bone structure that looked like Santa Monica’s androgynous answer to Lara Stone. She’d given up a full-ride basketball scholarship at a Division I school in order to pursue modeling—a career that started auspiciously when […]

  • Women Get Very Real About Trying a Menstrual Cup for the First Time

    More and more women are opening up about how much they love their menstrual cups these days and the world is listening. While the concept may sound unusual for devotees of tampons and pads, it’s never too late to try a new thing (and learn something new about the way your body works during that […]

  • How to Use a Menstrual Cup

    With many of us becoming aware of the effects of our lifestyles on the environment, menstrual cups have come about as an alternative to standard sanitary pads and tampons. What many may not realise is that menstrual cups also pose significant benefits in health, hygiene, convenience, comfort and reliability. Read full article

  • Como usar la copa menstrual

    How Menstrual Cups Are Changing Lives in East Africa

    Women around the world consistently face unique, gender-specific barriers when it comes to staying safe and healthy. Women are at higher risk for contracting HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, as well as sexual assault and related complications. Many of these issues are beyond our control, and linked to deep-rooted cultural practices that would take decades to alter. […]