• Pasos1

    1. Sterilize your LifeCup.
  • 2. Wash your hands well.
  • Pasos3

    3. Fold your LifeCup.
  • Pasos4

    4. Insert your LifeCup.


  • Pasos5

    5. Empty content and re-insert.


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Our products

  • Size 1

    Women under age 30 who have not had natural childbirth.


        • Diameter: 41 mm.
        • Length: 56 mm.
        • Length of stick: 8 mm.
        • Volume: 24 ml.
  • Size 2

    Women over age 30 or who have had natural childbirth.


        • Diameter: 44 mm.
        • Length: 56 mm.
        • Length of stich: 8 mm.
        • Volume: 37 ml.
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  • Take care of your LifeCup

    How do I keep my LifeCup in good condition?

    • It is very important that you keep your LifeCup clean. Wash it regularly with mild soap and warm water, and be sure to remove any soap before use.
    • The holes down the edge of your LifeCup hel it out. Make sure they are clean.
    • If you find yourself in a public toilet, use a water bottle to clean your LifeCup, or simply empty it and insert it again. Be sure to clean it more thoroughly next time
    • Keep in mind when traveling to clean it only with fresh and drinkable water.
    • Over time, your LifeCup may fade, but this does not reduce its effectiveness. Discoloration can be decreased by putting your LifeCup in a sterilizing solution diluted in water for a few minutes.
      Avoid: scented soaps, abrasive cleaners, and petroleum-based substances like vaseline.