About LifeCup

  • It was all started by Romina Rizzi, when one day in 2010 she decided to use a menstrual cup. Like millions of women who are using the menstrual cup today, this product was a sinificatly positive change in her menstrual periods. Such was the impact that Romina create LifeCup and decided to devote her life to promote the use of menstrual cup and not rest until it is the female menstrual protection method most used worldwide.

    LifeCup was created with the dream of making an important contribution to our planet earth. Reducing pollution in the hand of a friendly product for the female body, is possible!

  • Made in USA and manufactured of hypoallergenic medical silicone, we have made of LifeCup the ideal Menstrual Cup, protecting women´s health and also LifeCup lasts for 10 years, so women can achieve significant money saving and contribute with our planet.

    We invite you to join the millions of women that are already using the menstrual cup. Be part of the change for our planet, it is possible using LifeCup!

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    (Nacional institute of food and drug monitoring)


  • FDA


    (Food and Drug Administration)

  • RoHS


    (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

  • ISO 9001


    (International Organization for Standardization)